resiliant mesh glazing


A product that’s been designed to meet the requirements within some difficult locations that are especially prone to vandalism.

The mesh is essentially a perforated galvanised steel panel powder coated, that provides light and
passenger visibility through the panel. The mesh is retained within an anodised aluminium frame and fitted within the glazing opening as a cassette.

The panel is extremely robust and difficult to damage by even the most determined vandal. Whilst the capital cost of replacing or providing these cassettes is higher than toughened safety glass or polycarbonate options, the life of the product will outperform other options in areas where glazing damage is a particular problem.

We’re frequently asked what effect these perforated panels have on the weathering of the shelter. The holes, due to their small diameter, keep the majority of water from penetrating deep into the shelter, but also help to diffuse the wind, therefore having little to no negative impact on sheltering passengers.