titan shelter


available sizes
modular bays of 1420 or 1140mm available as any length of structure. A number of roof widths available- contact our sales team for further support
galvanised steel sub-structure for connection to concrete foundation and aluminium extrusions above FFL
an aluminium extruded frame with concealed galvanised components to provide additional strength at eaves and canopy level
options for powder coated and anodised surface treatments
high efficiency long life and low power LED lighting to provide modern and attractive lighting design
electrical compartment constructed within the shelter and future proofed for Smart City initiatives
attractive aluminium extruded seating with cast arm rests to comply with DDA
vertical glazing
options for toughened glass, solid aluminium powder coated panels or UV clear polycarbonate
roof glazing
UV protected polycarbonate or pressed aluminium powder coated panels. Flat or barrel roof options available
green roof
shelter structure designed to allow the additional load to enable a green sedum roof to be provided
timetable case
optional but generally supplied as Double Royal hinged aluminium extruded and polyester powder coated 1020x620mm
RTI bracket
available to interface with any suppliers screen
available for shelter lighting, phone charging & RTI screen
installation details
mass poured concrete foundations at the point of installation